The story of FIVE’s ascent is characterized by constant attention to innovation that has always nourished itself of expertise and research, in order to develop state-of-the-art electrical mobility solutions.


That’s why the Development & Research Department is the strategic center of FIVE: here technicians and engineers have converged intuitions and studies together with the most prestigious collaborations, the search for the best components to prototypes that have passed all the texts in quality and design, thus becoming products sold and appreciated in Italy and abroad.

Frames designed to ensure robustness and comfort

The geometries of our e-bike frames are designed to ensure maximum functionality and to give the cyclist the best ergonomics. Low frames to climb and descend easier for city bikes, resistance and easy handling for extra-urban models, and the new full suspension frames for mountain bikes.

High quality components

FIVE chooses only the best components for its e-bikes, to give the cyclist very high riding performance, as well as a recognizable look, with attention to every detail. FIVE e-bikes shine with uniqueness with their chromatic research, attention to finishes, and choice of materials.

FIVE App. An app for dealers to request assistance, download manuals and search the spare parts catalog.


Customer service is easy with the FIVE technical assistance app. Through a smartphone or a computer, the retailer has access to useful information on WAYEL and ITALWIN models, online from his store or outside.