The story of FIVE’s ascent is characterized by constant attention to innovation that has always nourished itself of expertise and research, in order to develop state-of-the-art electrical mobility solutions.


That’s why the Development & Research Department is the strategic center of FIVE: here technicians and engineers have converged intuitions and studies together with the most prestigious collaborations, the search for the best components to prototypes that have passed all the texts in quality and design, thus becoming products sold and appreciated in Italy and abroad.

FIVE App. An app for dealers to request assistance, download manuals and search the spare parts catalog.


Customer service is easy with the FIVE technical assistance app. Through a smartphone or a computer, the retailer has access to useful information on WAYEL and ITALWIN models, online from his store or outside.

One City

A big start

In collaboration with the University of Bologna on the battery testing program, in 2008 OneCity was born, the first model of pedal assist bicycle with cardan transmission and Wayel brand. Concept and design are exclusively Made in Italy.

OneCity is the result of a research based on styles and lifestyles that require freedom of moving, design, and no chain maintenance problems – causing stains on hands and clothes.
OneCity was presented at the RtoB Innovation Exhibition in Bologna. In 2009, it was chosen by the City of Genoa for the bike sharing service; in the same year, during the G8 Environment in Syracuse, 150 OneCity bicycles were selected as courtesy bikes for the transfers of ministers and their staff to Ortigia island, the centre of the Summit meetings.


From the Sun’s energy, the first eco-sustainable cityrunner

After three years of constant design commitment and testing, carried out in collaboration with Rinnova s.c.r.l. – research and subsidiary company of Bologna University – in 2013 was presented Solingo, the first cityrunner able to store the sun’s energy in a backup battery that always allows you to get to destination.

Solingo is the lightweight and versatile electric moped for city use. Innovative, eco-sustainable, with over 115 km of range and made in Italy, it can be paid with the savings it offers.

With the production of a moped entirely made in Italy, also powered by solar energy, FIVE Group extends the scope of its business with the specific aim of covering all segments of the light electric mobility market.

Solingo’s operation is very simple: the solar battery is used to start the vehicle by the front motor; then the rear motor is powered by the main battery, that allows to reach 35 km/h. In the event that the main battery runs out, Solingo enters the reserve mode. In ‘solar’ mode, only the solar battery is used, and the speed is reduced.