Who chose Italwin excellence

Travel is part of the fleet of the Carabinieri

Since 2021, Italwin provides the e-bikes to the Benemerita, at first with the Trail Ultra model and then with Travel. The customization is made with the dark blue color and red stripes.

e-bike carabinieri
e-bike croce rossa italiana

The Red Cross brings help with Nuvola Lite

At the beginning of 2021, an agreement for the supply of the NUVOLA LITE e-bike to the Italian Red Cross was made. Through the project “Time of kindness”, the Red Cross delivers goods, medicines and groceries to the elderly and those who cannot go out.

Travel is chosen for Pirelli’s CYCL-e around rental service

Pirelli chose Travel as part of the innovative B2B CYCL-e around rental service. The project dedicated to companies that want a fleet of e-bikes available to their employees for daily commuting and leisure.

e-bike pirelli
e-bike polizia municipale

Travel Cross for the Police of Roma Capitale

The model chosen by the Capitoline police is Travel Cross, an e-bike that stands out in off-road driving, perfect for patrolling the Tiber river, and the parks in the historic villas of Rome. All Travel Cross are personalized with the colors and institutional symbols of the police force.