FIVE – Fabbrica Italiana Veicoli Elettrici -, with its commercial brands, has chosen to create an environmentally alternative, strictly Made in Italy, of sustainable mobility. Wayel dedicated to electric bicycle, and now also to electric scooters and electric kick scooters; Italwin, historic Italian brand of electric city bikes; Lockbike with its innovative hybrid cyclostations; Today Sunshine for the distribution of the electric minicar in Italy.

Not an e-bike for everyone, but one for each

Since 2007, WAYEL electric bikes have established themselves on the light electric mobility market by offering a diversified range, as it is designed for all movement needs.
Wayel e-bikes, conceived as the most intelligent and versatile way to move, are the result of a virtuous process made of passion and dedication, technological research and accurate stylistic choices.
In 2019, Wayel goes further: not just e-bikes but light electric vehicles designed to move around the city easily, without time constraints and municipal limitations, for commuting and intermodal travel. Thus the choice is enriched with the segments of electric scooters and electric kickscooters.

ug il monopattino elettrico Wayel

uGO, smart mobility


uGO is the electric kickscooter by Wayel. It weighs only 12 kg and folds in an instant. It has an electric brake on the handlebar and a foot brake on the rear wheel. You can select up to 3 speeds depending on the route and with a simple charge you can travel up to 30 km.


It synthesizes the needs of the electrical mobility world and sports spirit


ITALWIN is the brand that has made the history of electric bike in Italy. Since 2003, production in Venetian factory has marked the consolidation of a brand that has become, over time, a synonym for reliability and quality made in Italy. Since 2016, ITALWIN brand has joined FIVE Group.


The ideal choice for city driving, 100% electric, ZERO emissions


The mobility of the future speaks electric and FIVE since 2013 – the year of birth of the Italian Electric Vehicle Factory project – has decided to invest in the production of bicycle and light vehicles, at low speeds but, above all, electric!
In 2018, it signed an agreement with Today Sunshine to support and spread the culture of electric life-style in the world, and started the distribution of electric minicars in Italy. M1 and M2 are small and compact electric minicars: they access the ZTL, are easy to park and guarantee significant advantages in terms of costs and insurance.
They have ZERO noise emissions and ZERO CO2 emissions.


Reinvent mobility in the city


Eli Electric Vehicles invents a new way of moving around the city, creating advanced, efficient, and affordable minicars for short trips.
Designed in California in Los Angeles, Eli ZERO Plus was presented at the Las Vegas Innovation Show in 2017.
It received the iF World Design Award 2021 for its ability to reinvent the mobility of the future, an award given by an international team of designers and engineers.
Eli ZERO Plus is a new generation vehicle, focused on simplicity and elegance.
In Italy, it is classified as a light quadricycle and can be driven from the age of 14 with an AM license. Ideal for urban centers, it reaches 100 km of autonomy with a single charge.
Eli ZERO Plus connects people, reduces traffic, inefficiency, and pollution caused by large cars.