Thanks to its excellent brands, FIVE is today the benchmark for light electric mobility. A wide and deep range of electric bicycles are designed and manufactured following high standards. The bikes are created to meet any urban needs.

Not an e-bike for everybody, but one bike for each one


Since 2007, WAYEL electric bikes are on the market of light electric mobility by offering a diversified range, as it is designed for all needs of moving.

Wayel e-bikes, conceived as the most intelligent and versatile vehicle to move, are the result of a virtuous process of passion and dedication, technological research and accurate stylistic choices. Designed to move around the city and to face demanding trips, commuting and intermodal travel, the models are equipped with cardan or belt drive, a feature that makes Wayel’s bikes unique and recognizable on the market.


It synthesizes the needs of the electrical mobility world and sports spirit


ITALWIN is the brand that has made the history of electric bike in Italy. Since 2003, production in Venetian factory has marked the consolidation of a brand that has become, over time, a synonym for reliability and quality made in Italy. Since 2016, ITALWIN brand has joined FIVE Group.


Bike parking & hybrid bike sharing solutions


Lockbike is a product born and designed for municipalities, companies and accommodation facilities that can also act as a bike parking and hybrid bike sharing system. Lockbike cycling stations are designed to park and protect from theft any type of bicycle (electric or traditional).

Lockbike cycling stations offer the possibility of a safe and video monitored parking for your bike (both electric and traditional).

Thanks to Lockbike cycling stations, you are able to easily pick and deliver bicycles in a fast and easy way. The bike is very light and hybrid type: it can be used both as a traditional bike and as an electric bike. In the latter case, the pocket battery can be supplied in loan for use. The cycling stations’ structure is the same for parking and sharing series: therefore, in the same lockbike system, it is possible to assign stations to both solutions.