FIVE is the first Italian Group to feature a complete range of electric vehicles for the city and for leisure, comprehending electric bicycles, electric scooters and electric mini-cars to satisfy any need.
FIVE’s e-bikes and batteries are manufactured in Italy, inside the factory located in Bologna, where high quality standards for materials, components and production are guaranteed.
FIVE Factory is the first project able to combine energy efficiency, industrial production and environmental sustainability, following the principles of ZEB (Zero Energy Building) and making it energetically self-sufficient.
In addition to most European countries, FIVE has acquired distributors in Canada, the United States and Australia.

100% Green

The new FIVE office represents industrial excellence as it is a building that does not need any other sources of energy than the one it self-produces through a dual photovoltaic system.

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Our social responsibility consists in the constant search for innovative, technological and green solutions, to produce economic value by enhancing people’s work and the quality of things.

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Batteries production

FIVE focuses on the best technologies available on the market and the best brands in the industry. Batteries are produced based on high standards of technology, durability, and quality, ensuring maximum performance.

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FIVE is today the benchmark for light electric mobility, thanks to the excellence of its brands, the amplitude and depth of its range of electric bikes: these ones are designed and manufactured following high design standards, created to meet any urban needs.


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the first energetically self-sufficient factory in Italy, manufacturing electric vehicles.