FIVE is a project created by the owner of TERMAL Group who, strong of his know how and experience in the Asian market, understands that the company’s success cannot take place regardless of relocating the production from China to Italy, thus making the native made in Italy a unique and refined product.

So FIVE – Fabbrica Italiana Veicoli Elettrici is born, an industrial factory whose technology is able to guarantee not only the living comfort but also the energy required for its own production. A factory for the production of electric bikes and mopeds, energetically self-sufficient and built with products that can ensure efficiency and reduction of consumptions, following the principles of nZEB (nearly Zero Energy Building).


The construction of FIVE factory begins. At the same time, the production of Solingo moped is started and the Made 2.0 line is launched – with WAYEL brand – inaugurating the new production cycle of the electric bikes designed and built in Italy. The products are manufactured in the handicraft atelier prepared by the company, waiting for the new FIVE factory’s works to be completed.


Selected among more than 1000 candidates, the company attends the Universal Exhibition 2015  as a guest in Intesa Sanpaolo’s ‘home’, in THE WATERSTONE pavilion. This participation is intended to represent the quality and excellence of made in Italy, and to tell the ambitious back-reshoring project with which FIVE intends to bring back the production of its own electric vehicles from China to Italy.


The expansion of the company consolidates in the spring-summer 2016:  FIVE acquires ITALWIN, the historic Italian brand tied to the production of pedal assist bikes since 2003. In summer 2016, with LOCKBIKE cycling stations, a new market segment was inaugurated, dedicated to automated bike parking and hybrid bike sharing systems.


On May 22nd, 2017 FIVE factory officially opened its headquarters. The opening event, inaugurated by the Minister of the Environment Gian Luca Galletti marks a new start, launching in the industrial field an important sign of confidence both for the Emilia region and for the whole country: in this way, the Italian entrepreneurs can embrace with courage the new environmental challenge.

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The areas dedicated to battery production and laboratories complete the industrial plant. In 2018 FIVE has chosen to embrace the battery market with an in-house production with semi-automatic product-line. All batteries are certified according to the UN 38.3 and EN standards.


FIVE looks to the future and, in 2019, strengthened by its know-how in technology and innovation, decides to open up to the automotive sector, strictly electric, starting the collaboration with Today Sunshine, the group founded in China in 2014 and a shining example of industrial automation in the electrical and electronic sector. Start the distribution of electric minicars in Italy.


Not only e-bikes but all-round light electric vehicles, designed to move around the city without time constraints and municipal restrictions. FIVE further enriches its proposals with a selection of electric scooters, designed for urban traffic, and also introduces the electric kickscooter uGO, welcoming the public’s interest in the novelty of it.
FIVE realizes the e-bikes for the Red Cross, the model Nuvola Lite helps the volunteers to stand by the population hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.


In 2021, FIVE begin the distribution of Eli ZERO Plus, an electric vehicle that reinvents the way of moving around the city, an advanced, efficient, and affordable minicar for short trips.
Designed in California in Los Angeles, Eli ZERO Plus was presented at the Las Vegas Innovation Show in 2017.
In July, FIVE reaches a new milestone: over 10.000 battery packs produced only 2 years after the opening of an internal area dedicated to battery production.


Travel Adventure model is the new e-bike selected by the Carabinieri Corps to carry out different institutional services throughout Italy.


FIVE begins the distribution of Tromox branded vehicles in Italy.

Ukko and Ukko S Lite are the latest generation of electric motorcycles that combine technology and design. Ukko S won the iF Design Award 2022 for its unique design, hi-tech features, and superior performance.

Wayel expands its range of electric scooters with Muvi, from the Spanish manufacturer Torrot.

Essential. Dynamic. Handy. The MUVI e-scooter is equipped with everything you need to get around the city in a fun, safe and efficient way.

In 2023 Armony becomes part of the FIVE Group.

Armony has been making electric bikes since 2006, among the first in Italy to believe in sustainable mobility. A brand that has always stood out for its technology, aesthetics, and high-quality components.
The union with FIVE aims to build one of the largest Italian production centers for e-bikes. The fulcrum of the project is the FIVE production center in Bologna, which can produce up to 25,000 e-bikes per year.
With this union, Made in Italy teams up with a complete range of e-bikes with an international attitude. FIVE wants to protect the traditions and peculiarities of the new brands, the commercial channels, as well as the company’s management.

FIVE adds the Garelli brand to the premium e-bike segment.

The joint venture with Armony brings the historic Garelli two-wheel brand to the FIVE Group. The Milanese brand is destined to cover the premium segment of the market. A brand with international visibility that has represented pieces of two-wheel history. In the 80s, Garelli won 5 constructors’ world championship titles and numerous pilots’ titles, with FIVE it will be regenerated in the field of excellent sustainable mobility.


energetically self-sufficient in Italy, manufacturing electric vehicles

FIVE headquarters, located in the industrial heart of Bologna, extends over a total of 7,100 square meters of building, divided into factory units, laboratories, offices, canteens, services and warehouses; moreover, the area dedicated to gardens is about 700 square meters.



Kw/h per year

The dual photovoltaic system on the roof is able to produce 257,000 Kw/h per year, that is enough energy not only to ensure lighting and living comfort, but also used for its own industrial production. The surplus of 17,000 kW/h per year is networked.


Electric vehicles/year

At full operation, the factory has a production capacity of 35,000 electric vehicles per year.



The warehouse is made up of 860 workstations in which about 3,200 vehicles can be stored.


Working positions

The assembly line in the factory consists of 20 working positions.

FIVE is associated with CONFINDUSTRIA ANCMA – Associazione Nazionale Ciclo Motociclo Accessori (National Association of Cycles Motorcycles Accessories)

FIVE is associated with MECH – The Mechatronics and Motoristics Cluster of Emilia Romagna, in Italy

FIVE Mission
Research, design and vehicle production for a light electric mobility

A “short distribution chain” allowing to assemble vehicles with components made in Italy, a part of which is designed by the same R&D company department.