The two electric wheel industry is born in Bologna

FIVE officially opens the doors on May 22nd, 2017 during an event dictated by the satisfaction for achieving such an important and long-awaited result.
The party air is tangible in all 7,100 sqm of the building. The emotion can be noticed in the faces who saw the laying of the first stone in 2013, believing in this green project with generosity and foresight since the beginning.

Fabio Giatti and Giorgio Giatti – CEO and President of FIVE – welcomed the guests Gian Luca Galletti (Minister of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and Sea), and Pier Francesco Caliari (General Manager of Confindustria ANCMA – National Association Cycle Motorcycle and Accessories).
Together, they held the presentation press conference, during which the factory’s structural and production data were presented.

«The new Five factory in Bologna is a great sign of confidence not only for this area, but for the whole Country – commented the Minister –. Here the industrial revival speaks Italian, and chooses above all the language of sustainability. When entrepreneurship sees in the environment and in Made in Italy the true competitiveness vehicles, this means that people are understanding the potential of green economy coupled with the Italian excellence. In Five – Galletti concludes – there is a huge innovative investment in sustainable mobility, a frontier for the global environmental challenge, and an indispensable tool for improving our cities: we strongly need this everywhere, but especially here in the Po Valley».

After the press conference, a choral cut of the ribbon took place.
Everyone was around Minister Galletti, who cutting the tricolor ribbon – a symbol of made in italy pride -, started the visit of the factory.
Suppliers, customers, journalists: all the guests followed the illustrative tour, admiring FIVE’s green building and its organized production logic. The automated system, the paint boxes, the test area, and the Showroom where all the range of FIVE’s electric bikes are exposed.
Minister Galletti asked lots of questions to the workers that assembled the components, focusing on the accurate observation of the production steps. The tour ended with the road test of VENTO electric bike, generating a lot of enthusiasm and visible amazement for its speed.

«We believe entrepreneurship is made of experience, vision and far-sightedness. As a company, we have felt the need to have a total quality control over production, to guarantee the excellence of Made in Italy as well as a production timing suitable to the seasonality of our brands. To the sum of these factors, it is added that an Italian production 4.0 aims to be more competitive also from the economic point of view. All this has led us to look to the future and to think big: to go against the current trend and to return to Italy, developing opportunities and jobs in our Country; at the same time, doing it in a eco-sustainable and virtuous way, with a factory in line with the International green buildings».

With these words Giorgio Giatti, President of FIVE, opened the press conference.
Such words will be a programmatic manifesto for the future.

Fotogallery of the event