New NEXT series Enjoy yourself and draw attention

NEXT + and NEXT represent the new generation of e-bikes that launch the WAYEL 20” FAT line.
Power, stability and design for an adrenaline-filled fun made in Italy. NEXT is the true example of safety in cities on cobblestone and tram tracks, while off-road amusement is guaranteed on gravel and sand too. Furthermore, NEXT has all the agility and portability of an intermodal vehicle: the frame is made with attention to design, and is foldable, it resists impacts, guaranteeing maximal adherence and stability on roads.

Wide-tread tires and front fork

The 20”x4” wide-tread section VeeTire tires guarantees comfort and stability on urban routes (cobblestones, tram tracks) and fun on unstable surfaces (sand, snow, gravel). NEXT + and NEXT can mount, as optional, off-road knobby tires. Front fork is suspended and lockable, it allows to find the most suitable setting for every route. The high profile of the line is completed by the well readable 3,5” display, front AXA led lights, rear Spanninga lights, Selle Bassano saddle with integrated lights. The 7 speed Shimano gear is useful in the city, it gives versatility, precision and most of all the possibility to modulate the pedaling according to the power of the motor. The saddle is ergonomic, it is comfortable, especially on city routs, cushioning the bumps of the historical centers, where you can find cobblestones and tram tracks.

Backlight 3,5” display

With backlight, the lcd 3,5” display allows to turn the system on and off, to select among the 5 levels of assistance, to activate the soft start and to check the battery level. The device is equipped with a USB port to charge your smartphone. The numbers are very clear and easy to read.

NEXT + with central motor FIVE F90 48V

NEXT + is the top of the series, it is perfect to venture in out-of-town routes: the difference resides in the FIVE F90 48V motor, that is way it is mounted on the central hub, in the center of gravity of the e-bike. FIVE F90 48V motor offers the best weights distribution, just like on MTB, better than motors mounted on the rear wheel. FIVE F90 motor has exceptional thrust, it supplies power to face 30% slopes. Silent, it guarantees perfect harmony between power and leg effort.

And it is because of the central engine that the difference is felt in the drive ability: the motor, positioned in the center, radically changes the behavior of the electric bike compared to vehicles with the motor positioned in the rear hub, which weighs on the suspended masses.
The motor-wheels-torque sensor provides tremendous thrust. NEXT + is very intuitive to drive, both in traffic and in extra-urban areas: just a slight pressure on the pedals in mode 5 and the bike moves with agility and speed even on challenging slopes, thanks to the motor, the geometry of the frame and the compact shape of the e-bike.

NEXT + with double hydraulic disc brakes

Another important element on NEXT + are the brakes. Both front and rear brakes are hydraulically operated disc brakes, a more refined solution than wire-operated disc brakes, they reduce the stopping distance even at maximum speed. They are perfect for this e-bike.