motore FIVE F90 per ebike

BICITECH and the evolution of the FIVE F90 central engine

Eicma 2018 gave the opportunity to meet the journalists of BiciTech and talk about the evolution of the FIVE F90 made in Italy electric motor.

BiciTech is the bimonthly magazine for bicycle dealers and mechanics about what concerns the world of road bikes, mountain bikes, e-bikes, and related components. The magazine informs the reader about the most modern applied technologies, materials, research, and design.

The article published online highlights how the choice of FIVE to develop e-bike engines in Italy has given way to a new trend in the sector. By producing its engines in Italy FIVE can better characterize its range, focusing on quality technology solutions that best suit the needs of European customers.

In 2018 FIVE has developed the new F90 central engine, a powerful 90 Nm torque engine with top performance in its segment. It has five levels of assistance that allow you to effortlessly overcome slopes of more than 25%. The barycentric position allows to maximize the thrust of the engine and offers an excellent stability and better weight distribution.

This kind of motor is perfect for e-MTBs, but it is also loved by those who are looking for a good starting sprint in city traffic.

Read the full article on the new Central Motor F90 Hub on BiciTech.